sam sam sam in Salem, Oregon

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My name is Sam. I live in Salem, Oregon. I am not a gourmet chef. Truth is, I barely get by in the food department. If you came here for food tips, you are on the wrong internet. AOL has a free disc in the mail for you.

I was a sous chef once and I learned that most chefs are about as big of assholes as most Doctors. That’s why you never send food back to the kitchen.

Maybe you write blogs and I feel as if it gives me a glimmer into your life and I want to share a part of that. Maybe you drive fucking monster trucks! Who the fuck cares? You know you are awesome so let’s link up and conquer the world.

Ok, ok – i’ll start over.

My name is Sam and A few years ago I self-published a book called Why I Committed Suicide. It’s a memoir actually, and it is for sale all over the internet and even some bookstores have it, maybe read a review and check it out on Amazon. Or you can read some for free if you go to my website: It was the first book on a little site call MySpace and since then I’ve been writing and writing and writing more. Anyway, I’m chillin’, taking some classes, working full time, watching over my three year old son. I am also writing the sequel and it might be out with a little more fanfare than Why I Committed Suicide sometime soon in 2008. Get this, the cover will be BLUE. So, you read that here first, it’s a spoiler….
I am interested in posting all of my blogs in one place and linking all the social networking I have found into one cohesive unit.
sam paul


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