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Kids suspended for Midol

beating a dead horseI have seen too many “zero tolerance” stories. Kids suspended for Midol. Kids suspended for a butter knife in the bed of their truck. A whole hallway of kids plasti-cuffed on a futile drug raid on no evidence, teachers looking up girls prom dresses for “inappropriate thongs”, kids suspended for a US Army t-shirt, kids suspended for hair color, censorship of school newspaper for reporting true news stories about the school district, kids suspended for cornrows, kids strip searched because $5 was missing, 18 year old student suspended for legally smoking on his own time off campus….on and on and on

It’s out of control. If George W. Bush proposed these things there would be a hue and cry of epic proportions. But some minor ex-coach who became principal or superintendent when he started losing games decides to do this stuff and we clap.

We are not training our kids to be thinking citizens…but to think that its ok for minor government officials to watch their every move on camera and control their daily existence…and to obey. Like thats normal. It should not be normal.

That is far more dangerous than a little blue hair or a Midol or a thong. We are raising drones, stamping out any differences, and cheering about it.

We are surprised when our kids are cynical…but we tell them that they are unique snowflakes..and then put them in uniforms to be the same. We send them to Civics class to learn how wonderful it is to be free and all of the rights we have…and then censor their newspaper, search them, and make them pee in a cup. Damn right I wouldn’t believe Civics class either.Rick Astley\'s Hair again and again



th_funny-1kk1.gifCan you f*ck*ng dig it???

Donate to not McCainFlipFlops !

I am often horrified by the political parties and their website Shennanigans. Martin Washington forwarded me his legitimate attempt to funnel some money towards families and businesses in local communities. Supporting politicians that commit to positive things.

Hope some of you will check it out and give $5 towards making positive media momentum. buggin me

Otherwise you will see more of these guys (article New York Times explains :


beating a dead horse
beating more horsies

Don’t buy into the hype!

Bob Bumpas in Beaverton

Bob Bumpas in Beaverton“Dagnabbit, my taxes pay your salary.”

 I wonder if some of the people who write into the paper (Oregonian: 1-30-08) realize later that they are uncompassionate crazy fogeys?
Well, I am pretty sure Bob Bumpas doesn’t… yet. How about everyone send him an e-mail explaining how people who are allowed to take resources from a society to make money are obligated to pay some of their earnings back into it for the greater common good. To sustain the resource.