The Heidelberg electric belt

Heidelberg electric belt

In the early 1900’s many people believed they were suffering from “neurasthenia,” a disease cause by modernization and over-stimulation. This “sickness” produced a wide variety of symptoms from depression to impotency to fatigue. The Heidelberg electric belt, touted as a cure, sent electricity to your genitals and promised to restore your vitality and strength.



Love that kid

Valentine for Dad Ben wrote me a Valentine himself. 

3 years old and he wrote the names without help.

Great job!

Subaru DC Mountain Lab 1.5

I just can’t get enough of this vid

Subaru DC Mountain Lab 1.5

John McWethy, Ex-ABC Newsman, Dies In Skiing Accident

John McWethy, Ex-ABC Newsman, Dies In Skiing Accident

John McWethy, Ex-ABC Newsman, Dies In Skiing Accident

ABC News   |   February 7, 2008Read More: ABC News, John McWethy, John McWethy ABC News, John McWethy Dead, John McWethy Skiing Accident, Breaking Media News ABC News reports the death of their longtime correspondent, John McWethy:John McWethy, a longtime national security correspondent — who, ABC News president David Westin said, “represented the very best of ABC News” — has died at age 61 after a skiing accident in Keystone, Colo. McWethy died of blunt force chest injuries after witnesses said he missed a turn on an intermediate trail this morning, and slid chest first into a tree, Summit County, Colo., coroner Joanne Richardson told The Associated Press. McWethy was pronounced dead at 2:05 p.m., Richardson said.As national security correspondent, McWethy reported extensively on the lead up to the war in Iraq as well as reporting from Afghanistan. McWethy was a graduate of DePauw University, where he was active with the campus community in his alumni life.

Beemer waves and southern gravy

Missy Samiee kitty cat mercedes express line

On the loose in Salem. Having fun.

Grabbin’ coffee. Always good to see you.

Thanks for waving!

Bob Bumpas in Beaverton

Bob Bumpas in Beaverton“Dagnabbit, my taxes pay your salary.”

 I wonder if some of the people who write into the paper (Oregonian: 1-30-08) realize later that they are uncompassionate crazy fogeys?
Well, I am pretty sure Bob Bumpas doesn’t… yet. How about everyone send him an e-mail explaining how people who are allowed to take resources from a society to make money are obligated to pay some of their earnings back into it for the greater common good. To sustain the resource.

Fruit punch in da nose – Rick Astley style!

Nevah, gonna let you down….