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introspection, reflection……and SKIING!

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repost from Por Qué No Taquería

Hello everyone….


It’s getting cold out there!  This is great becuase it means that it’s the start of the season for introspection, reflection……and SKIING!


Therefore, that will be the theme of this email…usually I write about other businesses in my emails, but this one will be all about Por Qué No in order to focus on that introspection….and with the 3rd annual Día de Los Muertos dinner approaching, it’s the perfect time for some reflection….and with the snow already beginning to fall, it is time for the Por Qué No 10 times ski pass at Mt. Hood Meadows!


First off, I would like to let everyone know that we have some major changes out on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.  The long awaited bike racks have arrived just in time for the rainy season!  Seriously though, I worked with The City of Portland to get a bike rack corral installed in the parking spots directly in front of Por Qué No, and they came through in a huge way…They were installed yesterday, and last night the racks were almost filled up!  Take a look at bikeportland.org to see some pictures and a little blurb about it.


Another change out front is a rain cover we have made for the bamboo structure which will have heaters very soon….this is our version of expanding!


Other things to brag about:  

We almost have a complete website..it’s a construction page right now…porquenotacos.com

If you missed the blurb in the Oregonian about our Aguas Frescas last week, check out the video the Oregonian made of Josh making our Aguas Frescas:  http://blog.oregonlive.com/aenow/2007/10/aqua_fresca_at_por_que_no.html


All right, so it’s time for our 3rd Annual Dia de los Muertos dinner again…It will be on Thursday, November 1st.  Last year the dinner was dedicated to my father who had passed away earlier in the year, and our first dinner was dedicated to my wife’s Grandfather, Neil Kelly.  This year I would like to dedicate the dinner to all of the lost loved-one’s of the guests who will be attending.  We will build an altar that will have plenty of room for all guests to bring items that represent a loved one who has passed on, so that we can all partake in the incredible ritual of keeping someone’s spirit alive.  I would like to take time during the dinner for those who would like to tell stories about their loved one’s…The more stories, the better!


The menu is still being created, but will be at least 4 courses served family style, and will cost $40/person, not including drinks and gratuity.  We can only fit 28 people and an altar into the restaurant, therefore the dinner will probably sell out rather quickly.  I will take the first 24 people to email me, to be seated family style, and then the last four spots will be at the bar (I will make sure that you want to be at the bar).  When you make a reservation, please email me your name, # of people, phone number, and whether or not you or your guests are vegetarians….And a reminder:  this is not a white linen affair.  Come relaxed, ready to meet people, ready to eat some incredible food, and hopefully willing to share stories of someone’s life you would like to celebrate.  


Lastly, the snow is actually falling on Mt. Hood!  There are already 8 inches at mid mountain, and it is supposed to keep coming all week!  Last year we set up a Por Qué No group for Ten times passes (10X)…The pass allows the skiier/rider to get 10 lift tickets for $295 ($29.50/ticket as opposed to $59.00/ticket regular price).  The passes can be shared with others after Spring Break if you don’t use all of them……

I am attaching an application to this email if you would like to join….Just fill out all of the required info and take it to Por Que No or send it to Por Qué No Taquería, attn. Ski Pass, 3524 N. Mississippi Ave., 97217.   Make sure you have the right phone number on the application, because I will need to call you when the passes come in.


We need at least ten people to join, but last year we had twenty, so that should be no problem!  This is a great way to be excited for all of the rain falling during the winter rather than fretting about it!


Other than that, thank you so much for all of the support to our little restaurant…It has been a great couple of years, and we look forward to many more!


Get out there and introspect, reflect, and throw some snow balls!